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Freak Nation uses a freely available font called “Tribal Two” as part of its layout. The big Freak Nation logo at the top of the site’s front page gives you an example of what this font looks like, as does the quickie “are you really getting the right font display?” test in the next paragraph.

Freak Nation

The first line that says “Freak Nation”, over there to the right, is an image. The second one is done with HTML and CSS. If they’re both showing up in the same font, then you may well already have Tribal Two installed on your computer. Alternatively, if the second line is a little raggedy, you’ve probably got Microsoft Internet Explorer, which supports CSS-driven font downloads. Your browser is automatically grabbing our font in OpenType (.eot) format and displaying with it... but it’s not as crisp a format as TrueType.

If you’re using Mozilla, Firefox, or some other Gecko-based browser, you’re probably seeing two very different fonts in that test. The second line is probably whatever font on your system is set up in your browser as the “fantasy” font. (You can check in your Preferences or Options settings to see for sure.)

Regardless, if you want to see this site in all its glory, you can download the font. Please note that we didn’t create Tribal Two; it’s by Wolf Bain X and Apostrophe Labs. This font includes character sets for Windows and Macintosh codepages, including many accented characters, and it should be workable on *nix-based platforms as well.

It’s available as a Zip file, which most any modern system should be able to open. Download It Here

Presumably, you already know how to install a font on your particular operating system. If not, you can probably find instructions all over the Web, for Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux, or even FreeBSD.