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A Guide for Our Readers and for Advertisers

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Freak Nation is committed to running ads only for dealers in goods and services that are by, for, or of interest to, freaks. You will never see ads for home loans, SUVs, or the newest Britney Spears album on this site. That’s a firm guarantee; those things would disgust us at least as much as they’d bother you. While we’re at it, you’ll also never see pop-up or pop-under ads. You won’t be subjected to interstitials, either. These intrusive and intensely annoying forms of advertising have no place on this site. Ever.

Yes, we’d prefer to keep the site ad-free. Unfortunately, both hardware and bandwidth cost money. (Since we’re strong believers in Free/Open-Source software, our software doesn’t cost us a thing... but the CPU fans and disk drives do wear out, and we’ve gotta pay for the connection.) So we run ads that sit in place on their pages, and hopefully inform you of products and services that are of interest to you, our readers.

We do try to keep the ads well placed: Ads for tech toys and blinkenlights go on pages with geek content, while ads for sex toys and whips’n’chains go on the alt-sex pages, and other tribes’ ads go on pages with their content. (The Google ads? Well, matching them to the content is Google’s problem. Sometimes they get it right; sometimes they mess up — but the errors are usually kind of funny.)

Using Ad-Blockers

Naturally, we wish you wouldn’t. In fact, if you’re using the Adblock or Adblock Plus extensions for Firefox, you could even be super-nice and use its new feature to “whitelist an entire site”. If you like us that much, we have instructions on how to whitelist a site using Adblock.

But if you really hate ads, even ones that are done by and for other freaks, then here’s the scoop: we use two types of ads, Google AdSense ads, and our own ads that we handle in-house. If you’re using Adblock Filterset.G (and/or the extension that automatically updates that filterset), it will already block the Google ads, so the only ads you’ll see are our own. These are all hand-selected by our staff to avoid being overly annoying, but if you want to get rid of them, too... then just add an Adblock filter for “adzez”, and you won’t see any more ads on Freak Nation.

For Advertisers

Freak Nation is open to ads for practically any product or service that’s of interest to the freak community. Computer hardware, SF/fantasy/horror novels, comic stores, goth/punk/industrial music, knives and swords, costumes and garb, and probably all sorts of other stuff we haven’t even thought of yet. If you’re unsure of whether your products, goods or services are suitable for advertising on this site, please send a query to our webmaster.

As you might guess, we can and do offer targeted advertising by tribe. Our ad display system is coded to display ads of interest to (for example) gamers on pages with gaming-related content, while placing ads for geek toys on pages with geek-related content. This means your ads are being displayed to an audience that’s already interested in the sorts of things you sell. Since the site is new, we don’t yet have any statistics on click-through rates, but we’ll provide those once the site’s been running for a few months. Look for them some time during the summer.

We offer ad packages in the following sizes. Note that these rates may change periodically based on demand, so check back here for the current rates before ordering an ad run.

Name Width/Height CPM
Leaderboard 728 x 90   US$5.00
Full Banner 468 x 60 $2.50
Half Banner 234 x 60 $1.25
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 $1.50
Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600 $2.00

We can handle runs as small as 1000 impressions, all the way up to 100,000 impressions. We happily support .GIF, .JPEG, and .PNG formats; we charge an extra 50% fee for ad campaigns involving files over 16 kilobytes (16,384 bytes). We’re open to Shockwave, Flash or other dynamic/rich-content ads by special inquiry. Contact the webmaster for further information, or to buy an ad run on Freak Nation.

Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

We’re willing to consider reduced rates for charitable organizations and non-profit groups doing work that benefits freaks. If you’re working for cyber-liberties, or better portrayals of gamers and fans in the media, or civil rights for occult practitioners, or... (you get the idea), then let us know, and we may be able to give you a cut rate on ads.

Sexually Oriented Advertising

Freak Nation supports (and espouses!) Pagan beliefs regarding sacred sexuality, and kink/queer community philosophies of sex-positivism. Naturally, we’re open to advertisements for sexually oriented goods and services, whether they be art galleries, sex toys, information services, or something else. But they must be of interest to freaks — “Bob’s XXX Asian Gang-Bang Emporium” is not what we’re after.

While the site or service you’re advertising may be incredibly explicit, we do request that the advertisement itself be relatively “PG-13 rated”. This site is accessible by those under 18 — indeed, we hope we can become a useful resource for teen freaks in areas with few other outlets. Ads can be racy, risqué, even erotic — but please stop short of outright smut. Thank you.