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Everything a freak could possibly need reviews of, all in one place. Naturally, we handle books, from science fiction to fantasy to horror, from tech manuals to comics, comic collections and graphic novels. In our video section, you’ll find reviews of movies, TV shows, and new DVD releases in the same genres. We also cover music — mostly goth, punk and industrial releases, with occasional spice from other tribes. You’ll also find reviews of software, both free/open-source and proprietary, as well as ongoing clubs. (Sorry, we don’t tend to review cons, since they’re yearly and can change a lot from one year to the next.) Finally, of course, we give you the lowdown on games, ranging from tabletop RPGs to CCGs to computer games.

If you want to review something for us, please read the review guidelines. Then, by all means, send it in to the webmaster!

And just to make your life easy, here’s a time-sorted list of all the latest stuff, from all categories...

Advance Impressions

The modern trend for “advance marketing buzz” is making it easier to engage in the venerable fannish pastime of predicting whether an upcoming release will be a wonder smash or total trash — before it even hits the theaters or shelves. Here’s where we engage in some long-range prediction about such things.


From comics and graphic novels to tech manuals and textbooks, freaks of practically every stripe are die-hard bibliophiles. What would this site possibly be without book reviews?


From tabletop RPG manuals to CCG expansion decks to computer and video games, we keep you up to date on what’s hot and what su><Ørz.


Reviews of practically every genre of music that interests freaks, from goth/industrial to punk to Pagan music to fannish filking.


Without software, you couldn’t even look at this page. We’ll review any software that’s interesting to freaks, regardless of licensing terms, platform, or system requirements.


Whether it’s on VHS, DVD, television, or a movie screen, everyone loves moving pictures. We review everything from SF, fantasy and horror-oriented shows to animé, science and nature documentaries, goth/punk/industrial music videos, and more.