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Here’s all the cool, interactive stuff we have available on Freak Nation. Aside from the currently available sections, we’ll be expanding this area soon to include surveys, quizzes, and even software available for download. We may also host software that runs on the server.


You can’t really ask “Dear Abby” for advice on what to do about that loose cannon in your coven, and Miss Manners would choke on her canapés if you asked her about the proper etiquette for a BDSM sex party. You need Ms. Alternative, the advice columnist who can cope with your kinds of problems.

Mailing Lists

From polyamorous goths to computer geeks to gaming groups, Freak Nation hosts a variety of mailing lists serving a variety of communities. This page gives you a guide to all of them.


Freak Nation runs a new poll every week. Here’s an archive of the most recent polls we’ve run since the site started, including the current one. They’re listed from current to oldest.