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So, you want to help us keep Freak Nation running? Wonderful! We can always use a few more hands to help keep things running smoothly; keeping a site this size stocked with fresh content isn’t as easy a job as it looks like. Here are the things that we need the most desperately:

If you think you could handle any of these recurring, ongoing responsibilities, please contact the webmaster and describe what you can do. He’s eagerly awaiting your email.

Of course, we always need more content. Poetry, fiction, articles, rants, reviews and essays... without new content on the site, there’s no reason for anyone to come here, or for us to keep the server running. So if you want to send in a submission from those categories, that’s a great way of keeping us going. In that case, you’ll want to have a look at our submission guidelines (if you haven’t already).

By the way, if the word “essay” makes you think “Ugh! I always hated writing those in high school,” you might want to consider Paul Graham’s view: that high-school essay-writing is completely backwards, and that writing essays at all is a form of subversive disobedience. His... um, essay on this idea is worth a look.

Finally, it never hurts to link to us. If you have a Web site, you can grab any of our link graphics from our linking policy page, or just use a text hyperlink such as the following code:

<a href="http://www.freaknation.com/">Freak Nation</a>

All that we ask is please, don’t use this code to post link-spam all over blogs and other parts of the Web. We don’t approve of such pollution, and we don’t need the exposure that badly. Thank you.