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Freak Nation is all about community building; naturally, we have links to a variety of other sites. Listed below are the sites we think are important enough to link to, starting with major sites that help the freak community in one way or another. But we also have categories of webcomics, freak shopping and vendors’ sites, and even where to find sexy freaky people. All these categories are sorted alphabetically by the site name.

If you came to this page because you want to link to us and you’re wondering if that’s okay — the short form is, “yes, that’s fine”. But if you want more details, you could look at our linking policy page, and even get a nifty banner that you can use in your link.

Major Freak Sites

Freak Shopping

’Cause you know we’re all consumerist whores at heart... no, really, these places do have cool stuff. Since you’ve gotta shop somewhere, why not at one of these?

Cool-Ass Freak-Oriented Webcomics:

Sexy People

Wanna see sexy people on the Internets? Sure you do! (Or, if you don’t you can just scroll back up the page...) Here’s some sites with pictures of sexy people that don’t all look like bleached-blond silicone-enhanced bimbo clones posing for frat boys.

Think we’ve left out something absolutely critical? Heck, what about your site... it’s a high-quality site of interest to freaks, right? If you’re wondering “How could they have possibly forgotten to include Mxyzptlk?!?” — well, hell, we may not even have heard of it. Send us an email telling us all about it, and if we like it, we’ll add it here. Please note that “all about it” means a little more than just the URL or domain name; the more you rave about how cool the place is, the more likely we’ll follow the link and evaluate it.