Poems from the Broken Arrow Show

by Renee Christy

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The Broken Arrow Show is a Vegas tradition, where I perform offbeat and ironic romantic poetry with some of our great local blues players, as an antidote to all the standard hearts and flowers of the Valentine’s Day season. The first four of these poems are from my soon to be released chapbook, Anatomy of Love. The final piece, “Sweet Love”, has been previously published in other places, and is a life-long favorite of mine.

Zen Princess

Enigma extraordinaire
Angel dancing
On pinheads
Wide open eyes
Revealing walls of stone
Exposing the flesh
And burying the soul.

Now, with scars still fresh
You find this hedge witch
To lance and lace
And perhaps weave
A truer tapestry
From old yarn
And new thread.

© Renee Christy, March 2003

New Mating Rituals

Male bops and jumps
Female moves robotically,
Yet fluid in the odd moment
Both begin to lose themsleves
To trance, house, acid
Lost in X,
Go juice.
Then suddenly
As though frightened from
Their jungle of release
They nonchalantly return to
Practicing disinterest
With flair.

© Renee Christy, September 2004

Anatomy of a Crush

I blush each time
You speak to me.
No shy innocent, I
But a realist
With a rushing heart.

Started with a glance
A maybe, A possibility
And on a day
When no one was kind
You smiled.

A goofy grin
Invades my face,
As I mutely absorb your stories.
Cracks in my glass heart
Slowly spread as I realize

No chance, no way.
You walk a different path.
Our lips will never meet.
You belong to that other world
While I indulge in crush.

© Renee Christy, December 2002

Imitation Love

He acts as if
Not only do I
Serve at his pleasure
But that my very existence
Is at his wish
That I would cease to be
At his merest whim

The frightening thing
Is that it's true.
If I left tomorrow
He would have another
Needy, insecure, heartbroken
Within days
Making his coffee
With just a touch of foam
And a little smidge of
Imitation sugar.

© Renee Christy, October 2004

Sweet Love

How innocent Thou art,
A playful Sprite of the Sea.
How should it come to pass
That You should love one
        as Wicked as Me?

You see me as a Child of Laughter,
A Zenith of pure Light,
But after the Nova has passed,
I am but a Black Hole
        in the Velvet Night.

From A Taste of Diva © 1978,1998 by Renee Christy

Renee Christy runs Mistress of Merriment Productions in Las Vegas. Raised by wild drag queens and other genderqueers, she now lives with her husband, her wife and her boyfriend. Teaching poetry workshops, organizing events, writing and WoW take up most of her time. Out, outrageous and out of her mind, she’s the List Mom for PolyVegas on yahoogroups and is the Twink Fairy of Decadence Inc., the only bi poly pagan geek guild on WoW. If interested in her chapbooks A Taste of Diva, Psalms of Las Vegas or Anatomy of Love, or her spoken word CD Neon Galaxy, or in having her arrange an event for you in Las Vegas (coming to Westercon 2008, anyone?), or in joining the Guild, drop her a line at renee (@) mistressofmerriment (DOT!) com