Four Assorted Poems

The World of the Mistress of Merriment

by Renee Christy

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The Original Hot Bi Babe

When I was a little girl,
Maybe 4 or 5,
I remember the aunties
Gathered in our kitchen,
Discussing a wedding.
As women too often do,
One turned to me and asked,
“So who are you going to marry when you grow up?
A doctor? A lawyer?”
I responded, quite earnestly,
“I want a husband and a wife.”
This, of course, got some startled
And amused reactions.
One of them yelped,
"You can’t do that."
Tiny hands on hips, I declared,
“My mother says I can do anything I put my mind to.”
And I walked away,
With my mother laughing hysterically.
Little did she realize then,
I was telling the truth!

© Renee Christy, February 1989


I dreamed my little Goth girl
A black haired buxom beauty
The one who shares her poetry
Just with me

Darting eyes catching glances
Young boys entranced in hope
Deep cleavage dips dramatically
Just for them

Hugs so full of innocence
Writing passions unrequited
And I would I could break vows
Just for her

Hard won crystal laughter
Once caught, intoxicating
Humor comes in foreign tongues
Just for us

Sophia, mona bella
Iíve dreamt of you in Italian.
Too bad time doesnít translate
Quite as well.

© Renee Christy, January 1999


Alequino, my friend,
Why do you cry?
Has she forgotten you again?

Do not expect to nail down
The lightest skirt in town
When your own sword is so rarely sheathed.

Instead, be joyful that you know your natures.
Share your adventures lustfully.
The mischief alone will be worth the price.

For Flambina loves you,
But like the flame she needs new fuel.
So be the rock in her fire pit
While the others burn away.

© Renee Christy, April 2001


My totem animal
Is Wile E. Coyote
I always seem to blow myself up.

My spirit journey
Takes a detour
Right through Toon Town.

My shaman is flustered
By my lack of elevation
But my overactive imagination
Puts me square in the sights
Of an ACME atomic gun.

And the Zen of the Roadrunner
Always escapes me.

© Renee Christy, September 1999

Renee Christy runs Mistress of Merriment Productions in Las Vegas. Raised by wild drag queens and other genderqueers, she now lives with her husband, her wife and her boyfriend. Teaching poetry workshops, organizing events, writing and WoW take up most of her time. Out, outrageous and out of her mind, she’s the List Mom for PolyVegas on yahoogroups and is the Twink Fairy of Decadence Inc., the only bi poly pagan geek guild on WoW. If interested in her chapbooks A Taste of Diva, Psalms of Las Vegas or Anatomy of Love, or her spoken word CD Neon Galaxy, or in having her arrange an event for you in Las Vegas (coming to Westercon 2007, anyone?), or in joining the Guild, drop her a line at reneeREMOVE (at-sign) mistressofmerriment daht see-oh-em